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Nov 21, 2016

In my opinion: no.

I admit that I can't imagine the extent to how far this political correctness might manifest itself on a daily basis in the US, as I'm mostly acquainted with the US through its popular culture - an expression of art which usually takes an opposite or amplifying form as a reaction to the existing reality, often resulting into something which is not so politically correct at all.

However, to me, the (mainstream) media covering the progress of these elections seemed to fail a true objective approach. The most concrete example of this was the instance when during a CNN broadcast a predictive poll came up, showing the FOUR presidential candidates with Hillary Clinton at the lead, while the presenter christened Donald Trump an "underdog", since he was 4 to 9 points "behind" (with Jill Stein actually having four points in total - making her the true underdog).

As I've posted somewhere on this website before, the Clinton-Trump "clash" made for a "sensational" (if not rabble rousing) dichotomy of many attributes which the voter could "choose" for. Like the Outsider versus the Insider, the Woman against the Man, the Liar versus the Blunt or the PC against the Mack.

Obviously, SJWs did not create Donald Trump. Are SJWs then indirectly responsible for his upcoming political status due to reverse psychology by proxy or not?


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