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Sep 5, 2016

No, because Google doesn't (and won't ever) care about the actual fact I go to Belly's Store, or that I'm a geek and not a girly pink person. The data they gather is too big to get their eyes on a single person. They use this data for 2 reasons: surveys (for instance: trafic, popularity on YouTube,..) and targeted advertisment. They use this for their services and nothing else, and they wouldn't win anything using the data with a toxic purpose. Some would say some hackers could use them baddly, but again they would use the date a whole, not for ONE person (except if they're against someone they know). And also, I think (in fact I know) that hackers could easily the same intel in other ways than Google. I think that people against this data gathering are a bit paranoid and they don't have a real clue about Google motivations (don't get offended please, I don't mean to offend, I'm just explaining my opinion).

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