User voted The dark side.
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Sep 5, 2016

Don't make me wrong but I believe the author posted wrong the question. I think he meant:
If you could controle the Force as in SW, would you become a Jedi or a Sith?

Because you don't choose to control the dark or light, you choose which controls you.
But a Jedi uses the Dark Side sometimes (even if they try to avoid that, but it happens several times in SW), and a Sith uses the Light Side too.
Light and Dark is a whole, like the Yin and the Yang.
So if I'm right with the question, I'd choose Sith, because I'd never leave my emotions behind, because I can be what I am as a Sith, while a Jedi is supposed to become a cake, a machine identical to everything else.
To me, a Jedi's are what we blame nowadays: brainwashed and easy to manipulate people. A Sith is free. I want to be free.

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