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Aug 4, 2016

The results of this shocks me. While things are improving for women, women still have it very hard.

Facts and statistics don't lie. If you take the time to look, it isn't hard to find evidence that women still have a harder time than men.

Cracked.com did a great article on this just a few days ago. [link]
Just a couple of the points they cover include:

People are conditioned to view women as drama queens, fussy, overly worried and hypochondriacs. As such, there is an extreme problem with doctors refusing to believe women about medical problems.

Often, women complaining about harassment are ignored or dismissed as exaggerating. Did you know that a study showed that women get twice as many death threats and sexual assault threats compared to men? Yet when women say they get harassed all the time, many will treat it like its nothing, or assume it is things like simple name calling and the like.

Frequently, women who report rapes are treated as if they must be lying. Any sign of behavior that is different from what is 'expected' of a victim and surely they must be lying. Never mind the fact that only 2-8% are false reports, where as 10% of car theft reports are false. You don't hear people assuming someone reporting a car theft must be lying. The article even includes a perfect example.

Other articles they've previously done on the topic include:
5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained To Hate Women
5 Shockingly Outdated Problems Modern Women Face At Work
5 Uncomfortable Truths Behind the Men's Rights Movement

And the funniest of them is the photoshop contest:
If Men Had to Put Up With the Same Crap as Women

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