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Jul 4, 2016

LBJ should go down as the FINEST NBA Basketball Player in NBA History upon his retirement. James versatility sets him apart from MJ, et al. (Both players earned their 3rd ring at the age of 31). LBJ is the swiss army knife of great basketball players. LBJ not only was the first player in history to lead all major finals stat categories (Points, Rebounds, Assists and Blocks), he spent significant time guarding 11 different GOL players during the 2016 NBA Finals, ext. Hard to make a legit argument against MJ, just getting weary of the 'teflon' narrative that assumes Jordan is/was and always will be the best player ever - when LBJ is statistically and legitimately every bit as good (probably more diverse), as any player that's ever laced em up. (I'm a Portland Trailblazers fan - no dog whatsoever in the MJ vs LBJ fight). Peace.

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Jul 4, 2016

James and Jordan at 31 with 3 champion rings.. Michael, Kobe, Lebron..

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