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Jun 13, 2016

Yes for a number of reasons.

1. She didn't have the infrastructural setup ahead of time to handle all the refugees, instead she counted on local government to handle the refugees. She should have made SURE everything was setup in advance. How many people would be sent to each area, schools setup to help teach German, centers to help people transition from their culture to German culture.

2. She forgot that refugees for the most part don't want to be in Germany, they wanted to stay were they were. And thus they want it the way it was back home. They don't want to learn German culture or the German way of life. Back home an un-escorted women may have been fair game, and the law setup so that even if she did report an assault she may have been more severally punished than the men who assaulted her. Same with people who weren't part of their religion, their testimony may have been tossed out or ignored.

So it was handled poorly, and Germany has no idea of who they let in or what their motives are, and for that I pity the Germans.

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