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May 24, 2016

European women cannot go outside without the fear of RAPE! They can no longer go to the public pools without themselves or their children being sexually attacked, in some cases children have been raped in the pool! These are not exaggerations, but facts. These are gang rapes in many instances.

The Cities in America where these refugees have been brought in are over run with TB, Hepatitis, Measles and other Diseases that they are not tested for!

We cannot allow this to happen in our Country. Trump has proposed setting these refugees up in their own land in very nice accommodations until the conflict in their areas are resolved! This will be a lot less expensive for the American Tax Payer and better for the refugees, who are mostly young men and they are leaving their wives, mothers and children in their homeland!

These refugees CANNOT BE VETTED, there is NO DATA BASE in which to draw information, therefore Trumps Idea makes perfect sense.

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