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Apr 20, 2016

IF AGW (man made global warming) is as bad as those who are pushing AGW say it is, why don't they release EVERYTHING? How the data was collected, the data, the models used, the code for the models, etc. But every time they are asked to provide it, they refuse. IF AGW is as bad as they say it is criminal not to release it. Don't forget the math released by the IPOCC (third assessment) doesn't work or come close to what we are seeing. We should be over 5C warmer if you ignore all the other greenhouse gasses.

Has anyone else notice that the "solution" to AGW doesn't solve the problem? A tax to be given to other countries. It doesn't solve the problem, all it does to give money from the "wrong" people and give to the "right" people. Strange.

One last thing can anyone point to a time when the climate wasn't changing?

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