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Apr 18, 2016

Think about what happens when you sleep, (hopefully, every night). You are removed from the everyday considerations, demands, and care for your physical body. This human vessel requires food and drink, protection/ repair from injury, and rest. It is a marvelous construction, able to repair itself, if the damage is not too great.

However, when you sleep, perchance to dream, then your mind is able to explore.

Free from mortal constraints, then you witness the ability to go from place to place in the blink of the eye, engage with curious creatures that your mind has created, or breather while under water, or even fly.

Perhaps this is what it is to be eternal, without our mortal coil?

What if, in the unending charge of eternity, this visit to this tiny blue marble, on the end of a finger of the Milky Way galaxy, is a vacation of sorts, for 80 or so years?

What is 80 years out of forever?

How many galaxies are there?

Maybe we get to choose, before we visit again. That would be pretty cool. If we are truly eternal, then it must be boring to always be the rich guy, the powerful woman, the super intelligent, for a drop in the ocean of time.

Some bored folks (after who knows how many of these vacations to being alive) might decide to come back and mess things up. Evil.

Or, a bug that splats in a windshield on your car.

Who knows?

I just think that this tiny box is not all there is.

Ya know.

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