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Apr 17, 2016


The question is pretty vague and some context would make answering easier.
If someone I know or I care about lied to me, then I wouldn't be happy at all. But if it isn't made out of bad intentions I wouldn't be mad about it. However, I would be frustrated because depending of the circumstances it might prove a lack of faith and the more this someone is close to me the more it hurts.

Yet I would care less if the one lied to has no relation whatsoever with me, as I wouldn't know about it and it wouldn't impact my lifestyle. Moreover, one can't squeeze out every secret of the world as it is a really tiresome task. So sometimes it is better to let go. In that case, no happiness nor sadness.

And last but not least, there may be a case that makes me happy. It is really simple but not to forget and for that I give one example : surprise parties. Yes, it is sometimes more a bother than anything else, but these moments are memories to cherish and makes you happy when you think back about it.

Eventually, I do not argue that my opinion is not flawed, so don't hesitate to share your own.

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