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Mar 28, 2016

No it not between people who care and people who don't care, it how you want to address the problems. Sometimes you need tough love, and sometimes you don't. In a LOT of cases you need tough love, if you decided not to get an education, either in college or a trade school, then why should anyone have to GIVE you money for your bad decisions?

It's funny I see the people who care DEMANDING a min wage of $15 per hour, they get airtime, they protest, they scream, and yet I don't see them setting up child care so the people making min wage can upgrade their job skills and get a better wage. So are they really caring or are they just after some air time so they can tell everyone they are a good person? And yet the program that are out there to help people upgrade their skill, get no airtime, they don't protest, they don't scream, they just help people get better job?

So tell me who really care? The person protesting or the person who is do something to solve the problem?

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