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Mar 14, 2016

If Donald trump is anything like Adolf Hitler at least the country would become prosperous again. We would get out of debt, and we would be free from the grasp of international bankers controlling our entire country.

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Sep 15, 2016

Until the wars bankrupt the country in ten to fifteen years and leave us totally dependent on foreign aid. The difference is that, this time, there will be no America to save us, and we might threaten a nuclear war. Oh! And also, the Nazis were actually terrible at economics. They primed the pump with a wartime economy. Great. The US figured out that trick for decades afterwards and made it relatively sustainable. But they had a grossly inefficient civil service plagued by infighting, a cult of personality and common totalitarian inefficiencies, they wasted resources on evil like the Holocaust and insanity like trying to find the Spear of Destiny, their moribund obsession with size led them to waste resources on gigantic tanks and cannons, and they mismanaged crucial operations.

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