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Mar 12, 2016

I don't like him. I would even risk the statement that I hate the man, but that doesn't mean I don't admire or don't fear his intelligence and very strong personality.

Vladimir Putin is a president of one of the biggest and most powerful countries in the world. He doesn't fear anyone or anything. Ex-KGB agent, a man of few words, but hell - he's one of the greatest speakers. His speeches are ones of the best I've ever heard. He's very cunning, that old fox, a strong and ambitious leader and a trained warrior. That all combined makes him a very dangerous person.

Even now he is observing, testing our patience and tolerance of his actions. The lesser we do now, the weaker we are... the more powerful we are making him. I fear deeply for our nearest future.

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Mar 12, 2016

I will say one thing in comparison: Putin hunts, fishes, chases 'broads', and rides horses without a shirt on and has photographers document the moment. Obama rides a girly looking single speed balloon tire bicycle, wearing a safety glasses, a helmet and short legged "mom jeans", and has photographers document the moment. That in itself tells all... at least Bush rode a manly off-road bike!

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