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Feb 22, 2016

Sooner when i am been young i don´t know.
How i grown and raising my knowledge I´m still not sure.

But there are big questions:

As i know about balance and electricity that help me bring new look on live and death.
Then all is on balance and must have two pollings one positive and one negative and whole is one or zero.

1) Zero line is border between positive and negative.
2) When we use live as positive then negative is death. But there must be something about death that complete circle.
3) After some private studies about life and death, I´m think there can be reincarnation or return to live but as clear new entity to another life.
But something there occur some error and some people have knowledge from previous lives? I have own experience and still not know where that one knowledge i received. But when i speak about my few times repeated dream i receive answer that is historical event thousand years back.
4) It also depend in which position we look on live and death.
5) Human body is machine where live our soul or we. Our soul is some kind of energy and people that survive clinical death sometimes tell interesting experiences.

Until i do not have full and right prove, i can´t able say if yes or not. There is too much stories and experiences that might say it is possible.
My mind is still opened and search for truth.

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