User voted To some extent, but I respect a non-Muslim person more.
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Feb 22, 2016

It is hard to say or explain it.

I respect all good people.

If i take look on religious people, then i have problem only with Muslims. It is for me only one religion where i feel that there is lack of respect to others and mainly non Islamic religions. Islam is look as mostly fanatic intolerable government religion.

Today most people are not interest about human history, not much know or understand in Quran true words meanings and about religions.

I appeal to all readers to thing about all know major old religions and why is only Islam is that much problematic?

Religion it is not only about itself but mainly about people, that same as who lead us.

If i read in history and right understand, then i have only one Muslim person that i have in deep honor. And that person is Saladin.

In global about Muslim people, i rather stay in safe distance and try carefully inspect and test some of them if they are good people and with them i not have problem to respect their belief. And that is if they do not conquer land by build mosques, try converting my beliefs and respect me that as i am. Then i do not have problem to respect them and their belief. It is freedom choice.

But there is biggest problem which most western people not understand and not known.
Travel in Muslims country mostly not help and not discover correct informations for most western people.
They not know that if they are mans foreigners and local people speak with them in another way than true natural way. Travel in that counties as woman foreigner is really dangerous roulette with life if that woman is not have excellent knowledge and experience with local people.
It is also problems that many western people not fully understand Quram words meanings.

But at the end: all is depend on every person how she is, if good or bad human.
And it is also all on about luck whom we meet.
Not all people are bad or good.

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