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Feb 4, 2016

Islam is a faith system like any other faith system. It has good parts and bad parts.

On the one hand, Mohammed was a social reformer who dealt with a lot of serious problems in the Arabian peninsula: Sexual abuse, grotesque treatment of women, inequalities in poverty.

On the other hand, Mohammed was an expansionist who brought faith by the sword. And his reforms over time have too often been barriers to further progress rather than floors below which one cannot go.

On the one hand, the Sufis have a beautiful and mystical philosophy.

On the other hand, Wahhabism is colossally barbaric.

Religions vary because people vary. There are ways of living life consistent with Muslim values, traditions and beliefs that are perfectly civilized and enlightened. Millions of Muslims do daily. There are always of living life as a Muslim that are sexist, racist, violent, and barbaric. Institutions and individuals must push toward the former and drive out the latter.

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