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Feb 4, 2016

Yes, but narrowly.

I admire Bernie Sanders, despite large disagreements with him on issues ranging from the military onward, because of his civil rights record, his focus on inequality and protecting the middle class, his integrity as a politician, his consistent message, his class and treatment of others, and his capabilities to get things done even when working with others. He is a man who has won the respect of many conservatives: Both Rand Paul and James Inhofe, men he obviously has sharp disagreements with, have publicly stated that Bernie is a man who sticks by his guns.

I also admired Obama and Kerry's activism. (And I admired that Kerry was willing despite a patrician background to fight for his country, even though the war he was fighting in was illegal, imperialist, and evil).

Obviously John Lewis and anyone else who fought in the civil rights movement deserves a mention, no matter how much their later activism may have become tarnished with neo-liberal compromise.

There are also some historical politicians I admire. Obviously, I admire Ashoka and Marcus Aurelius for having philosophies that were admirable and quite advanced for the time. I admire those rulers throughout history who were known for empire-building, peace and economic development. (There are very few!)

However, the problem with all of these people is that they have walked the halls of power, and all of them have been tainted by it. I admire the gurus, the sages, the activists, and those pushing forward social change far more.

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