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Jan 16, 2016

Most, if not all, American cities have SWAT units, which operate in a military style. They are also heavily armed, have armored cars, snipers, etc. It has been needed in the past when they were outgunned by professional criminals. But SWAT teams are only a small part of any police department. Police were used back in the 20's and 30's as strike breakers. Strikers now have the protection of Federal Labor laws, and I suppose, it helps that most police departments are unionized.

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Feb 5, 2016

However, SWAT teams are seeing increased deployment as a result of this issue.

And while police are not being used as strikebreakers any more (and kudos to you for noting that utterly crucial part of our history, though it precedes the 20s and 30s), their use in African-American communities has similarly ominous implications. They are still basically being used in a very class-centered capacity.

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