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Jan 6, 2016

What about fossils and carbon dating? If the world was created one second ago, why would there be buried bones? If my memories are implanted, why am I able to locate my father's grave site? My memory of his internment carries actual physical proof, not only in the form of a headstone, but in the casket buried beneath it containing his bones. Maybe those bones aren't old enough to be carbon dated, but there are plenty of bones and fossils elsewhere that could be dated in that way.

If you dig near and sometimes underneath the buildings in the ancient cities of the Middle East, you'll often find that an existing building was built on top of the remains of a far older building. Why would this be so if the world was only a second old? Why are there historical museums with artifacts from earlier times? Those aren't just memories; those are tangible proof that time goes back far more than one second.

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User voted No, it's impossible to disprove it; there's always a micro-percent chance it's true.
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Jan 18, 2016

But that is simply the way we perceive the world. What if everything we know is false? What is Math and Science are all wrong? We made them up, and our "proof" is simply a result of our creation. We truly know nothing in this universe past what we can make up.

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