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Dec 28, 2015

My problem with feminism in its most well-known (vocal/agressive) form is that I don't feel inspired by it (except for the Spice Girls, who were more focused on individual strengths within a feministic framework instead of seeing gender as the sole condition for comradery <- yes I know it is a pop formula and that doesn't make it less a source of inspiration), rather judged. Another problem I have with feminism is that a common way of speaking out for women goes at the cost of men. Like: "well, you're not so great as well, allow me to elaborate", or even attempt to convince them that "their" existence is otiose/"unnecessary". Feels more like kicking back than climbing up. Also even/especially among women there is a pecking order/inequality, where the loudest voice is able to dominate - yet hardly in the right. Should you speak out against it, social ostracism awaits through gossip, feigning, faking, lying, manipulating, backstabbing and group think. Forget glass ceilings; something should be done about pink walls.

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