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Dec 8, 2015

Blue Pill. Taking the Red Pill doesn't makes you smarter or more likely to achieve your goals. And taking the Blue Pill doesn't stop you from learning and knowing, it just means that you're not chasing what's beyond knowledge all the time.

In other words, your life can be given more meaning through the achievement of goals in the Blue Pill than in the Red Pill, specially if you live among other Blue Pilled beings who make the "illusion" a reality by shared existence.

Through the Blue Pill, you can focus more on your own development and enhancement of life quality, which can lead you to become a more complete person than what you might or might not be taking the Red Pill, which only grants you access to "true" knowledge, but doesn't ensures you can understand it or even use it at all.

Maybe Red Pill should only be taken by people who have had extensive training in living their lives through the Red Pill? And the rest of us could live Blue-pilled, doing the best we can to keep the Illusion afloat (given that reality is harsh and nightmare-inducing on its own) and developing at our own pace?

Wait, isn't this the standard model of politics?

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