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Dec 7, 2015

Is this the ultimate B-movie? Quite possibly.

Sam Raimi took everything that was good with the first film, threw what was bad about it out of the window and came up with a recycled version. Strangely enough, Evil Dead 2 remains a highly original movie nevertheless.

It's more dynamic. The scenes kick one another in a furious rhythm. The camera handling, more active and daring, also contributes to enhancing the horror experience. I think we should also mention how great the lighting is in this movie. Most of the movie's story occurs during nighttime, yet the darkness is not problematic at all thanks to a brilliant use of light and overall camera work. So many movies prior to the 90's, before really good equipment arrived, ruined their scenes because the filmmakers couldn't work properly in the dark. It's no wonder why cinematographer Peter Deming ended up working on AAA movies. This guy knew what he was doing.

Bruce Campbell's character is also remastered. Ash is still quite the clueless guy we met in the first Evil Dead, but this time, there's something that is definitely heroic about him. Through the movie, he becomes the iconic undead/demon hunter we all know today. Campbell's cartoonish acting is spot-on and is more than welcome in what might otherwise have been a relatively ordinary, if not forgettable movie. Let's remember that before films like Evil Dead 2, most horror flicks would be unintentionally funny. ED2 is one of the first to include humor with full consent. A lot of the film's success depended on Bruce Campbell. Fortunately, he did an amazing job.

The special effects were pretty good considering the movie's age, and the diversity of them shows how fearless Raimi and his team were. Stop-motion, full-body suits, horror make-up and gallons - and I do mean gallons - of blood all make this movie a rollercoaster of unpredictabilities. You never know what's gonna come next and even though you have slight doubts as to who is going to die, you never know how they will die, but one thing's for sure; you know it's bound to be gruesome. And you're held tightly on your seat waiting for it impatiently.

There are many scenes which I now consider as classics. Talking about them precisely would create spoilers, but I must say they have aged very well and are still very effective.

This movie influenced many others, launched multiple careers and ensured the prosperity of one of the most iconic horror franchises ever. There's a reason why. It's a classic. There's no denying it.

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