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Dec 6, 2015

Would I recommend that anyone read the Bible? Certainly. It has had a great deal of influence on Western language, art, culture, thought, politics and religion.

How it is read is most important. One has to understand its origins in ancient tribal religions, the times and cultures in which it was written, the fact that many books fall in the category of pseudepigrapha, someone or several people writing in the name of another person, or are compilations that were later ascribed to one author, and that it is a mixed bag of religious writing espousing several versions of God and different views of his relationship with humans.

As a former Christian Evangelical, I have been a student of the origins and of the New Testament and Old Testament for years. It was studying these origins and early church history that caused me to leave Evangelicalism. Presently, I am surprised that people can lend such credence to the content of a compilations such as the Bible without knowing its history and origins. I am ashamed to day that at one time I accepted it as the infallible and complete Word of God.

But read it? Certainly, though I suspect you might want to skip the genealogies and some other mundane areas. A cover-to-cover read is not necessary to detect the basis of its influence on Western culture and history.

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