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Dec 1, 2015

The question is a little misleading, in my opinion, because it asks about the requirement being objectively wrong. A lot of religions and other organizations have "requirements" as such, but in free societies people have a choice.

As it refers to the practice in some Muslim countries, my disagreement is with the broader context of the requirement which implies women can be subject to such a requirement being imposed on them without having a personal choice in the matter. This goes against the Enlightenment ideals of individual liberty, freedom of choice and equality that much of the world values as basic to human rights and human dignity.

The requirement is also reflective of other attitudes some Muslim societies have toward the subjugation of women to both men and Sharia law.

This is different than Muslim women in free societies who choose to wear certain attire as an expression of their faith. Whether I agree with their choice or not, it is their freedom to have that choice that is the issue, not the choice they make.

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