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Nov 20, 2015

Not all Muslims are terrorists. That's a mistake people are doing, and that's the way they've been thinking like recently.

It's a simple explanation; because everyone of that particular group does it, it doesn't mean that everyone else does aswell.
Recently, a muslim did this in france - as a sign of trust and to spread this message around, that being a muslim isn't being a terrorist, and also that people aren't all the same because they belong to a certain religion, group, or community - there's different varieties, subgroups, and etc that can all vary and change; regardless of it's main "roots".

Here's the video, which - is tough and says a lot. Watch it all and you'll understand - some comments & replies to the video also have very informative and descriptive content that may help a few or lots get the idea a little better.
Enjoy, and please understand.

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