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Nov 18, 2015

I am pretty sure from my subjective point of view and "cases" I'd agree that maybe yes. Although, we've got to have in mind that if we sentence people to death penalty as Gambi says - first, people will "deserve" to die for X reasons... then in the future for Y reasons. We can't set the limits nor we can control who makes these either. There's people who are more harmful than helpful - but I believe our aim is towards to "Reforming/rebuilding/remaking" these people to be a more "thinking" and/or "sentient" being and to fit more into our "common" society. As in, help each other and build together. This way, we're only going to implement violence with even more violence. So, once again as Gambi said - it's a tough one and a hard decision. I believe both ways could be right - but there needs to be a balance. Although, I'm not denying that some people don't "deserve" to die - but I don't think they should actually die. Not quite sure and doubting this one... it's indeed very complicated and can be seen from many perspectives - the thing is getting a balance between the two.

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