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Nov 9, 2015

I believe the NDP failed to understand the province of Quebec when it had the chance during the recent years and it made them lose a lot of seats. Quebec was responsible for leading them to become the Official Opposition. They simply mishandled the province. Maybe they took it for granted? I don't know. Strategically, they certainly failed. Now, we have a Liberal majority and the Conservatives in the Opposition. The Libs don't need them and the Cons won't work with them since their views are too different... The NDP will be pretty much powerless for the next 4 years. They lost big time.

The Liberals, well, I'll be honest, I am unsure what to think of them today, and it's been the same throughout the elections as well. So far, there are a lot of promises. Many seem hard to fulfill. And if they're all fulfilled, they'll cost a lot. But they handled the elections well. They chose not to use overly negative ads ( unlike the NDP and the Conservatives ). They positioned themselves as a positive, uplifting party. Justin Trudeau has something going. He won in terms of image, and is now spreading this image throughout the world... But now we will see if he has content to offer.

The Conservatives had to deal with the fact that they had been the government for a long time. After almost a decade or so, it was normal for people to vote for change. It's never good for democracy when a party is in control for too long anyway. But I also believe they were the most responsible party in terms of promises. I think they made some very reasonable decisions in the past, but they also mishandled many topics. It cost them a few seats, but they took the blow pretty well. It could've been worst for them. I thought they'd lose more seats.

One thing I didn't like was the media coverage. CBC/Radio-Canada knew the Liberals were going to add funds to their budget, and of course we all knew the Conservatives, under Harper, had made cuts in the very same budget. CBC won their election, no doubt. On many occasions I felt like they gave Harper an unjust light. They tried to push Mulcair as far as possible and when they saw he wasn't going to make it, they gave it all to Trudeau. Of course, it wasn't that obvious, but the choice of content on their channels, the little comments made by reporters here and there... Something didn't feel right. But some people might say Harper got what he deserved. He sure didn't like reporters in general and made it obvious.

From what I know, the Liberals have made about 150 billions in promises... I'm afraid for my country's economy. Sure, federal investment can help, but at some point you also depend on what's going on outside of your country. Things you can't control. The Conservatives, and most importantly the late Jim Flaherty, handled Canada's economy pretty well considering that the world had to deal with a lot of economic uncertainty during their reign. This is probably what I'll miss the most from them.

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