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Nov 4, 2015

Lemme tell ya something, it should be removed at all costs.

I did my research as a good boy :3 and i found this.

The Syrian war is caused by religion, why? Here's the answer.

Saudi arabia are the Sunis, and Iraq Iran and Syria are the Shitas. The sunis always wanted the control of all arabia but that would be going through eliminating the Shitas. But they possed resistance against them.

Saudi arabia is supporting ISIS because they know that if they take out Syria, they would have advantage over Iraq and Iran. Now, that plan was pooped up. Because the Russians know that if they have the ISIS dominating Syria, they have Chechenya, Georgia and the other countries down below in danger of a Islamic revolution. Since there's a hate amongst the muslims against Russia, because Russia was supposed to be a Islamic country, but the funny thing that they knew about the rule of islam against alchohol, so they throwed islamism and they added the Orthodox church.

Now. What's the reason of the war. Sunis and Shitas are 2 divisions of the Islam=Religious war.

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