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Nov 4, 2015

In my opinion - religion is for those with weak minds. I'm not trying to imply that these people are inferior or superior - but religions haven't done anything else other than causing the wars & segregations/splitting of our communities, and humans.

Religions can go from "this is not allowed" to "this must be eliminated/terminated". Religions infact do hold people back from commiting crimes and from doing bad deeds; as they believe they will go to heaven and that if they behave good they'll live prosperously in heaven. But it can also drive people into some of the most horrible things; inducing racist/sexist/criminal-like behaviours or else you'll burn in hell. Dying in war could mean going to heaven for some religions; being homosexual could mean death and a straight path to hell for others.
In my opinion, people should be taught that everything should be neutral or good - no religion. Everyone should be equal and respectful to one another. With care and appreciation, trust and coexistance; we'll have a better world. People shouldn't be judged, exiled; or executed for being different, having different beliefs or acting in certain ways. Every person should be allowed to do as they please - but have in mind the saying that I've always kept with myself; "Everyone should be allowed to do as they please, as long as they do not hurt themselves or anyone else in any way".
Religions make people behave good in the name of god, just as it makes people kill in the name of god. Believe it or not, I am almost guaranteed that ever since religion existed, everyone's been a fool in the name of their god - whether it was a prophet, or someone who claimed having been "sent by god", god himself; or what we read in ancient texts. If we advanced, why don't we move on from this ignorant way of thinking that after many many years, it hasn't advanced or evolved.
We can all agree with ourselves to settle down and think of our rules so it's better and fair for everyone - why believe in god when you can believe in yourself, yourselves, or ourselves?
There's only one truth, and that truth can be only be found inside of ourselves. We would make it a better place.

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