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Oct 15, 2015

Bernie Sanders is exactly what America needs in a President. He is honest, hardworking, leadership material. His campaign is funded by regular people, not big money, so you know who he's held accountable to - us. He wants the public to fund elections, so you can guarantee that the cycles will be much shorter and the TV coverage less like a reality show. He wants to overturn Citizens United and break up the big banks. He wants to stop the oil companies from building a dirty oil pipeline when we're supposed to instead be working away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy. He understands the youth. He disdains the same shameful truths that I do about our existence on this planet in inequality and strife. He's another old white man, sure, but he's actually conscious of black issues (he marched with MLK and has been fighting for civil rights his whole life), women's issues, family issues, and he knows what it's like to grow up poor.

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