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Oct 13, 2015

Pink Floyd have been one of the most influencial bands in modern history. Their music inspired numerous artists throughout the decades.

They almost constantly ventured in practically unknown musical planes, often coming up with sounds that had been unheard of prior to their arrival. They blended different styles together to create songs that defied anything that had been made at the time. They used various tools to make sound effects in a time when computer technology did not permit it yet. They were geniuses, avant-guardists, futurists.

The band quickly reached international recognition and its music was the pinacle of auditory art for at least a decade, maybe two, spawning some of the greatest albums ever recorded.

From Water's tragic, hearfelt screams to Gilmour's stellar, mythical solos, they have found a way to fuel progressive music with emotion, something that is rarely witnessed in this complex genre. This group should be regarded by all as one of the greatest, if not the greatest ever conceived.

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