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Oct 13, 2015

Requiring voter photo IDs is not a terrible idea. It is the timetable and method for imposing such a requirement that is the issue. There is also the issue as to whether it should be controlled by the states or Federal government. Some states do not have a very good record on upholding the right of every citizen to vote.

The goal should be both to verify voter eligibility and insure that every citizen that wants to vote can readily do so. Some elderly, physically challenged, and poor citizens have been voting for decades by meeting the requirements now in existence. To reasonably institute photo voter IDs without imposing a burden on eligible voters, it should be done over at least an eight year span after the next presidential election to insure that legislation about requirements is drafted fairly and capable of being enforced, and that no voter is denied the right to vote in the process. With Congress the way it is, it might take four years or mote just to draft the legislation and bring it to a vote.

We are talking the fundamental right of every citizen to vote - no small matter. Our nation has existed for 200 years without such a requirement. What is the rush?

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