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Oct 10, 2015

Yes. Not being a scientist or having the ability or resources to absolutely determine an answer myself, yes is the only reasonable conclusion at which I can arrive. This is a matter for science, but is often heavily influenced by ideology.

I have read some of the science behind anthropocentric climate change and, not being a scientist, it is heavy reading. I could never read or understand all of it, so I must determine the probability of one group or the other being correct.

Many in the public are familiar with only the most visible evidence, like melting polar ice caps. The most significant evidence that indicates the earth is warming and that human activity is contributing or causing it is derived from data that has been accumulated in the last 150 years and data from millennia ago left in ice cores, fossils, the earth's crust, etc. From that, scientists can analyze past climate conditions, the makeup of the atmosphere, the temperature, the length of seasons, the type of plants and animals that existed or became extinct, etc.

To understand and interpret this data it requires scientists from all different disciplines working together: climatology, geology, meteorology, biology, chemistry, physics, paleontology, and all the subgroups of specialties within these disciplines. Then, it requires review by other scientists in these fields. It is highly collaborative, very expensive, extremely labor intense, and been going on for decades.

When I read a rebuttal to anthropocentric climate change written by one, two, or a small group of scientists, I immediately examine their credentials and the broadness of their study. I have not yet been impressed. When I see a list of individual scientists that oppose climate change, it is evident they have not worked collaboratively across all necessary disciplines. Equally unimpressive.

When I hear a politician, businessman, or religious leader challenge the human element in global warming, I laugh. I would not go to any of them if I needed brain surgery, and I certainly don't want to trust the future of my children or grandchildren to them on this matter.

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