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Sep 28, 2015

Superman for me has been a property and a character I warmed up to a lot over time.

Other people are likely to say that Superman is boring. A lot of his comics aren't particularly exciting because we don't feel like he's going to die. (However, honestly, how many comics do we really believe the hero will die and stay dead? The problem with most superheroes now is that they are way too iconic for their own good).

But the thing about Superman is that, for a person who is empathetic, loving, and healthy, there is no greater role model.

Superman is an aspirational figure. He is a bodhisattva myth, a god of compassion. He stands up for hope. He stands up for dreams. He's an immigrant who came to America and fought to make it better. He loves his wife and respects her work. His day job is a valuable contribution to the community. He sees the best in people, always.

Trying to articulate my experience, my beliefs, my life, the joy I feel, the love I feel, is tough to do. But I can show someone a picture of Superman and they can get it. They can understand, even if just a little bit, why sacrificing everything to be like that would be worth it.

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