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Sep 8, 2015

The definition of mental risk is too broad, and can be applied to situations that are unrelated to potential gun violence:

   "harm to himself or herself or to another individual, which may be determined by considering whether the individual has caused harm to himself or herself or another individual, has detailed plans to cause harm to himself or herself or another individual, has a history of substance abuse, or lacks impulse control"

e.g. "impulse control" could pertain to anyone buys impulsively, even to the point of 'hoarding.'

Many other items under sections 500 and 600 may be illegal currently and a breach of the rights of the people.

The length of time that these infractions impinge upon the rights of individuals is unclear. It may be stated in earlier documents and code, which are here amended. This bill is regardless incomplete unless it defined a reversal mechanism by which individuals can regain their rights.

Though this bill is, in some regards, well-intentioned — it fails to render a more free and civil society.

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