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Aug 9, 2015

The right to life is the greatest right one can posses, as no other right exists without it. The woman does not have the right to end the life fetus, because the fetus is its own person (that is a SCIENTIFIC FACT, not an opinion). The fetus' right to live supersedes any right the woman may have, except her own right to life (i.e., if the birth will kill the mother, abortion can be justified). The fetus is as much a human as you or I, and you cannot justify killing it anymore than you can justify killing a 1 month old baby. The mother does not have the right to choose death for another human being.

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Aug 4, 2016

I am always so relieved to see when people take the time to include the exception of abortion to save the woman's life. Far too many people seem to think that if there is any chance of the fetus' survival, no matter how slim, the mother should take the risk and go to term. I may not fully agree with your side of the argument, but I highly appreciate you including the exception.

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