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Aug 4, 2015

I think the escalation in violence, to include homicide, in schools is indicative of a much deeper problem that needs addressing.

Adding more methods of violence to a violent situation is ludicrous, regardless the "good intentions" of whoever is involved with a nonsense solution like this.

As in most recent U.S. policy, the "knee jerk" reaction is almost as bad an idea than the problem is in the first place.

I understand there are "wheels within wheels within wheels... turning" that the public are intentionally not made aware of (although, for another time, one might ask "why, if the public is PAYING for the government, does the government feel the need to keep everything secret from the people who are signing their checks? - it wouldn't work where you and I get a paycheck, would it?), but adding guns to people who shouldn't have them on top of crazy people having guns is NOT really a solution as much as it is coining the phrase "putting out a fire with gasoline".

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