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Jul 29, 2015

No. Small children should not be suspended for taking a Hello Kitty bubble gun to school or a key chain with a charm of a cowboy pistol on it. One boy was suspended for the way his pop tart was chewed which resembled the shape of a gun or another girl who tore the corner of a piece of paper off and it slightly resembled a gun if that's what you were thinking about. A father of a 5 year old was arrested when the boy drew a picture of his father with a gun. The father would pretend to shoot the monsters under his bed. Another boy was suspended with a permanent record of racism when he commented a visitor to the school looked like Obama, which he really did look like Obama. I mean, this is more like an episode of the Twilight Zone than the United States of America.

Also some schools have called in police for a boy wearing a NRA tee shirt, others for wearing shirts with American flags on them. This just makes a mockery of our law enforcement and takes away free speech from the students. What ever happened to common sense?

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