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Jul 23, 2015

Beamdog is destroying the legacy of Baldur's Gate.

I'm a big Baldur's Gate saga fan. I was playing both BG and BG II quite extensively when the games were released. When I heard about Beamdog's plans to renew the saga, I had mixed feelings. I was happy the younger generation will be encouraged to play and experience the BG adventure. Soon after however, I realized that if the work isn't done well, the Baldur's Gate legacy may be seriously damaged. That's exactly what happened.

When the video promoting the Enhanced Edition came out, it was already quite obvious: the game is being developed by either amateurs or untalented professionals, if it makes any difference. What a horrible video. I mean, how untalented you have to be to call yourself a professional and to make such animations? How tasteless you have to be as a CEO to approve such video?

Then I looked at the game interface. What's up with that ugly violet bars? What is the point of changing something that was really good to anything else, especially something much worse?

What the hell is about these ugly multi-color circles below the characters? Even if you can customize them, most of the players simply won't do this. Why are they so bold? Another completely tasteless change for worse.

That itself wouldn't be that bad yet. The worst they did is the resolution. The resolution they used for the video is an absolute joke. Beamdog clearly don't understand why people loved Baldur's Gate. It's obviously not about one factor, but one of the key factors was the graphics. The original Baldur's Gate graphics was the best hand-made graphics ever made. But, it was designed for a certain resolution. The resolution Beamdog offers players by default makes the characters look like ants. Horrible. What's more, I often see a gameplay when the graphics are simply distorted. There should a clear information on how the proportions should be like, and only then, a player should have the possibility to change the resolution to whatever their like. "Thanks" to Beamdog's "wonderful" work it's even hard to find a proper proportions gameplay now, but here is an example. Playing Baldur's Gate on an iPad? Beamdog, really?

It's quite obvious the only reason Beamdog made Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is money. They decided to do a boring and non-creative work of "renewing" the game, and the only time people are able work like that is when they see the $$ on the horizon. Easy money; all they had to do is take a legendary old game and get the rights to publish it. The quality of their work was irrelevant.

I'm not surprised hearing from young people that BG sucks. If I played BG for the first time, and if it would have been the Beamdog's BG with those horrendous resolutions and graphics "improvements", I'd never feel the magic I felt playing the original. Not to mention that when we, the original BG gamers, bought the games, they'd give us beautiful boxes with beautiful instructions, books, and gifts inside. When you buy BG from Beamdog, the only thing you get is a new file on your computer.

UPDATE: I just found this: The comparision of cutscenes in BG and BG:EE. Take a look, it pefectly shows how bad Beamdog really is.

To sum it ip.

Beamdog is a company of untalented people, people who don't have any idea of how to make good video games, people who smelled big and easy money with BG:EE and simply went for it, as a brand new game made by them would've never had any success, and they knew it. Too bad by doing so they also significantly damaged the legacy of one of the best games ever made. Unfortunately it wasn't enough. They also put their hands on Icewind Dale, and now they're doing Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear. I can only hope they'll stay away from Planescape: Torment.
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