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Jul 21, 2015

Lets face it several factors have created the high cost of health care in this cost one of them being HMO created in the 70 by Democrats to give insurance companies more control over doctors and hospitals. Tort cost further increases these cost. Mandating that everyone have health insurance has done nothing to reduce the cost of health care.
What to change it do away with mandatory health insurance, prohibit employers from providing it to employees. I hear you screaming already. What will that do first off it will bring doctors back to a cash visit it will make those doctors become competitive, Hospitals alike. Tort reform how much are you really worth I think your worth 10 years of what ever you income was based on your income tax reports. So if that were the case then malpractices suits were all but disappear because the insurance company would have a bases to set it which would reduce cost for doctors therefore bring down the cost of health care. Get the Government out of the insurance business and out of regulating them to the point that they actually drive up the cost.

If not enjoy your 6,000 dollar deductible and premiums of 1000.00 per month

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