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Jul 13, 2015

It isn't 100% of the solution, and by 'tax the rich' I personally mean removing loopholes that allow the wealthy people and billion dollar profiting corporations to get tax refunds and/or owe no taxes, but yes doing these things will help the government collect taxes that it has tried to levy but the rich have avoided paying up using various obscure methods only available to the rich expressly for the purpose of avoiding paying taxes.

The tax code should be simple, with the only additions being temporary subsidies to encourage business growth, and EITC for families. The standard deduction should be increased to 75% of the minimum wage (11,310 at 7.25) because that will set it at a level that will help a significant portion of people who spend the majority of their earnings on merely surviving in addition to giving some extra cash to people who are bordering the middle class.

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