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Jul 12, 2015

Last I looked this was a democracy even in the face of having the citizens rights stripped by misinterpretation of the Constitution, being forced to buy insurance or to be fined, with the reestablishment of debtor prison or its equivalence - so no, no one should be FORCED to vote.

People should be encouraged to vote by actually making their votes count... at present, the votes only count if they tally towards the person that corporations and big money WANT them to tally towards.

If you want to increase the will of the people to be expressed through the polls, then I recommend removal of corporate sponsorship from the election process, allowing anyone to have an equally chance in the public's eye while running for any federal office (president, congress...) and who are not cherry picked and shoved down the electorate's throats, and actually require politicians to, once elected, DO what they promised to do in order to be elected... a contract if you will.

Oh, and the supreme court... term limits and elected by popular vote. That would most likely fix that bastion of cronyism.

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