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Jul 6, 2015

Most Latin American countries would be the best country to live in if they had infrastructure of modern countries and less crime. When I lived in Brazil there were no earthquakes, no volcanoes, no earthquakes, tornadoes hardly ever happen. The fruits are everywhere and they are all rather delicious. The year round temperature goes from 50s in the coldest months to 100 in the hottest months. Great views and an abundance of fauna and flora.

In fact there is only two countries in this list from the Southern Hemisphere.

Other countries I have always admired but haven't had a chance to go and experience is Switzerland, Denmark, and Norway. They have great landscapes and they look great but I don't know how bad it can get in those places during winter and I don't know much about wildlife but I can definitely predict it is not nearly as abundant as the tropics.

Either way this is an interesting topic but unfortunately most of us are stuck to our countries of birth and instead of trying to be enamored by other countries we try to find flaws in them instead of enjoying what they do offer.

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