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Jun 26, 2015

This is an obvious yes, technology, be it electronics, or the stone wheel, has effected the way we as humans think for a very long time.

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Jul 26, 2015

Can a child affect the way the parent thinks?
Can a pet affect the way its owner thinks?
Can a screwdriver affect the way a hairdresser thinks?

Does "affect the way we think" mean: determining the way we execute/interpret our actions, or even defining (for us) what these actions will be?

I was thinking about the stone wheel too. But I came to the opposite conclusion, because ideally technological developments surface due to human demand or need. This need can even be caused by the need for (mental) stimulation, which is expressed in developmental stages of children who build blocks.

The reason why the stone wheel as a technological milestone is remembered, is because it's one of the most successful technological achievements (together with sewage systems) as it is still integrated in our society - probably because it was an inevitable development, independently made by more than one person roughly at the same time. But has technology - as a on-going phenomenon - truly affected the way we think?

As an expression, technology can affect the way humans think about humans or society. But it is human thinking that affects the way in which technology is expressed.

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