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Jun 22, 2015

While the world is not usually black and white for me, for this questions it is. Is stealing wrong. Yes of course. Is it the job of the internet to provide entertainment for free? Hell no, but people do it anyway. the better question is WHY* do we steal movies and music for free. Tough economy? cheapskate? Nah, I feel like people just want more out of life without the consequence of feeling guilty about it. Which is a lot easier to do when u can do it behind a screen of technology. If a musician had his CD's out for sale in New York, it would thing its safe to assume (i think) that most of us would be less willing to steal the music right in front of the musician, even if you knew u could get away with it. Lack of Human Interaction is a big deal is the globalized shared culture. Sometimes I feel like we are a lot less human then we used to be throughout history. For me its not a question of morality.Its a question of industry. Most film makers and today's popular musicians are far more wealthy than anyone that relies on downloading their entertainment illegally. Its Robin Hood meets global economic inequality. This does not make it right, but not all things that are wrong make us feel guilty. People who smoke are harming others with their second hand smoke but you don't see them apologizing to everyone who breaths in their carcinogens. I hope i make some sense.

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