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Jun 14, 2015

More laws to curtail the rights of lawful gun owners has very little effects for those who care little about observing the law to begin with. We are the victims of our own freedom; the only choice we have to make is do we want to keep our freedoms or do we want to eliminate them so that we feel "safe"? The only true way we can eliminate gun violence is to treat gun violence not like a law enforcement issue but a national security issue, suspend habeus corpus and all constitutional rights and send in armed security/military into those areas where gun violence is prevalent. The cops know who are the criminals but the thing that stops their arrest is the US Constitution and that "little thing" called "due process" and probable cause. Is that what we want to surrender so that we "feel safe"? I do not and here's why: besides that fact that I am a "lawful gun owner", I know that despite all the sensational news stories, gun violence is actually in decline. It is one political party which wants us unarmed so that we are even more dependent on government services. I prefer to defend myself first and call the cops later after I have neutralized the threat; this is preferably far better than waiting for them to come "save me"!

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