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Jun 14, 2015

California has some of the most restrictive gun-control laws on the books as it is, and still failed to stop the shooting.

The red-flags regarding mental health were flown, seen, and called into the police regarding the incident in question. Still, the police did not prevent it, and it almost doesn't matter why they did not.

Trying to stop a premeditated act by a human via a static defense like the Law simply will not work because, as we have seen, those with the determination to die in order to cause great destruction will plan around these laws until it's time to act.

Edit: Just to add, there is no clear evidence that gun control or legal gun ownership contribute significantly to overall violent crime rates either way. That fact raises a question as to why some politicians so desperately want to strip firearms from the population.

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Jun 14, 2015

What's really disgusting is how much the anti-gun people will cry about how many people die by firearms every year, especially in these mass shooting, which if you look at the numbers claim a pathetically small number of lives. Most "gun deaths" are suicides, and if you discount those, the next largest number are those involved in the gun trade, usually the result of gang violence. I feel sorry for those lives lost to mass shooters, but the numbers just aren't very high, and there's much more important problems to tackle.

If you really want to stop people dying senseless deaths, here's the things that need to be fixed:
1) stop the stupid drug war. It's killing huge numbers of people, ruining lives, and costing a fortune, with our country having 10 times the incarceration rate of other western countries.
2) institute universal healthcare, including mental healthcare.
3) build the SkyTran system so people don't need cars so much and can commute and travel in automated pods. Driving deaths are one of the biggest killers of people in our country, and it's worse when you consider that cars kill everyone equally, unlike age-related diseases like heart disease which mainly kill older people who've already had decades of life.
4) tax the 0.01% and institute real regulation on industries so that the middle class is strengthened and people aren't stressed out all the time.

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Jun 14, 2015


1. So you have problem with drugs that can cause addiction when they are tried the first time? Unless you plan on giving them away, you're still going to have crime and incarceration of people trying to support their habits. I would agree we need more focus on the "drug war".

2. Have you ever seen universal healthcare? I have and it's in the US, it's call Indian Health Services, and once you see it you'll never want to be part of it, but if you think it's still a good idea, here's some advice from many people who have used it, "Don't get sick after June." That because that's when the money runs out, you see government healthcare is always rationed and those with the money can afford any and all the healthcare they want.

3. The SkyTran system MIGHT work in a populated area, but it won't work for 90% of the US. I live in the midwest and trust me it can be miles between houses much less towns so I don't think you can afford the cost of $10 million per mile when you're going to serve less then 10,000. I live 90 miles from the first city of any size, so just going from my town to that city would cost 900 million to build and that would service (if you count all the small towns and surrounding area) of less then a 50,000 people give or take and they would still have to drive to my town.

4. the top .01% that's the top .0001 of federal tax payers, I'm assuming you mean the top 1% who already pay 30.2 percent of the tax bill. How much more do you want them to pay? You can look up the numbers if you wish the IRS publishes them. But there are many "tax payers" who pay no federal tax or get more back than they "paid" in. Even if you took all their money (top 1%) the government would have spent it all before 5 months were up. What we need to do is shut down a LOT of programs and learn to live withing our means.

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