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Jun 13, 2015

I find it legally inconsistent (to say the least) that minors can have abortions without the consent of their parents. A doctor needs parental permission for all non-emergency medical procedures to be performed on a minor EXCEPT abortion. These same minors are not allowed to drink, smoke, or vote because they are deemed too immature. Before age 17, they are not deemed of legal age to consent to sex in some states, but in this one magical instance, they are deemed old enough and responsible enough to make such a decision.

That having been said, we have a responsibility as a society to protect these minors from unwanted pregnancy in the first place, as well as for the care of children born to these minors. We hold girls responsible for "being careful" and not getting pregnant, and we hold them responsible for raising those children without going on welfare, but we don't hold boys responsible, either legally or as a societal norm for impregnating girls, or for the care of the children that they have fathered.

Neither do we take accusations of rape as seriously as they ought to be taken. Indeed, the burden of proof is such that a girl/woman has to prove that it WAS rape, and not consensual sex. Can you imagine an accused mugger taking the stand and saying, "I didn't mug the guy; I was panhandling. He just likes it rough. That's why I beat him up when I took his money."? And yet the "she likes it rough" defense is used by rapists to explain the woman's injuries in court cases all the time. In short, if you don't want minors seeking abortions, you have to hold the male of the species, both men and boys, more accountable for our actions.

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