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Jun 3, 2015

It isn't so much that I "like" what they are doing, because they are only trying to achieve equality in a world where they suffer bigotry and hatred, mistrust and fear. The LGBTQI community is made up of people just like everyone else ... no different in their wish to get an education, look for and get a job, have a home, buy groceries and new clothes, a car perhaps, attend movies, plays, concerts, possibly marry and have a family. Those are all HUMAN goals. The fact that an individual may be attracted to a person of the same sex or want to live life as the opposite gender just does not change those basic human goals. It is only how badly some in our societies *treat* members of the LGBTQI community that forces them have the additional goals of being safe and secure while pursuing all the other common HUMAN goals. We could all live together in peace, it is entirely possible.

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