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May 26, 2015

A true democracy would override the voices of those who live in sparsely populated areas such as Wyoming or New Mexico (there are many others).

A true democracy would enact laws based upon a mere 51% of the vote rather than to have even such minimal debate as there currently is in use. Democracy is actually only another name for "mob rule" and it has been shown many times in history that mobs have no reason, a mob has only emotion; emotion is not a sound basis for decisions.

True democracy has been attempted at various times in the past and if it did not immediately fail, invariably it turned into a tyranny.

Before we take such drastic measures as eliminating our representative government in favor of the milling crowd, we really should make a study of past cultures to see how _they_ fared in their social experiments.

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User voted It's a good system that should be implemented to some extent.
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Sep 15, 2016

Fair enough. I think a better democracy would be nice, because right now the minority of the population with the majority of the money gets the vote anyways. Perhaps it would be better at a state-level. That way if you live in North Dakota and you think building a billion dollar, 6 lane bridge in the middle of nowhere is a waste of your money, you can vote against it.

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